Koskenkorva is an award winning vodka

It's made of the northernmost barley in the world

Koskenkorva is made of the northernmost barley in the world. Barley provides the best harvest in the arctic climate of the village. Most of Koskenkorva’s barley is sourced locally within a 200 km radius of the Koskenkorva village.

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We use Finnish pure spring water

The other key ingredient and one of the main reasons our vodka tastes so smooth is the 100% unfiltered and unprocessed pure spring water from Rajamäki. To keep the exceptional water quality, we have established environmental protection in the area.

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State-of-the-art distilling process

Koskenkorva is produced by continuous distillation, using altogether 9 columns. In continuous distillation, barley mash is ceaselessly fed into the distillation process.

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Dedicated local farmers

In the village of Koskenkorva, the craft of cultivating barley has been passed on from generation to generation. We encourage the local farmers to maximize the efficiency of farming, to use nutrients sensibly and to monitor the barley during the growth season to ensure its viability.

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Full list of Koskenkorva's awards

Koskenkorva has won many many medals and awards, including the whole range of vodkas and liqueurs.

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Where to buy Koskenkorva?

Koskenkorva is exported from Finland to many countries across the world such as the United States, Russia, European Union countries and many more.

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