Koskenkorva State-of-the-art Distillation

Koskenkorva distillery visit

The Koskenkorva distillery is located in the village of Koskenkorva in Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland.

The Koskenkorva distillery has a state-of-the-art distillation process that uses a highly developed producing technique that allows for an exceptional material efficiency. The process can use 100% of the barley grain and the production runs nonstop for 350 days a year.

Koskenkorva is produced by continuous distillation, using altogether 9 columns. In continuous distillation, barley mash is ceaselessly fed into the distillation process. The distillation happens in five distillation columns, each of which have their own roles and functions. There are also four supporting columns that recycle fusel alcohols from the main distillation and raise distillation efficiency up to 99%. From this fine distillation process comes the smooth taste of Koskenkorva Vodka.

There are also several advantages in continuous distillation when compared to batch distillation, such as the ability to distill larger amounts more efficiently. There also isn’t any need for unnecessary washing. This decreases water consumption, chemical and energy use, and ensures uniform quality. And finally, it means a 100% unfiltered pure spirit after the distillation.