Koskenkorva Vodka Original

Sustainable vodka from the village

Koskenkorva Vodka Original 70 cl

This classic vodka is made from nature’s best ingredients. Good local barley, pure local spring water and the continuous distillation process result in one of the smoothest, purest vodkas in the world. Made sustainably, in the village of Koskenkorva.

How it is Made

Koskenkorva Vodka is distilled in the Village of Koskenkorva, in the vast farmlands of Western Finland. The Koskenkorva distillery is based on bio and circular economy: 100% of the grain is utilised. None of it goes to waste. Koskenkorva’s 10-megawatt bioenergy power plant uses barley husk as its primary fuel. The barley husk is created in the distilling process when barley seeds are peeled for distillation. Koskenkorva Vodka is non-GMO, vegan and gluten free.

What it tastes like

Koskenkorva Vodka is a bright, neutral, smooth, pure-tasting vodka. It moves very lightly when in glass and the nose-feel is exceptionally dry because of the distilling process and the lack of sugar.

How to use

Thanks to it's pure taste, Koskenkorva Vodka is great ingredient in cocktails. We have created many signature cocktails with Koskenkorva Vodka, such as the Village mar-tea-ni.