Koskenkorva Vodka Lime

Fresh and zesty lime vodka from all natural ingredients

Koskenkorva Vodka Lime

Koskenkorva Vodka Lime is a refreshing and modern take on citrus flavored vodkas.

How it is Made

The product has been created by careful selection of lime characters using their different citrus profiles to create the perfectly balanced lime vodka. It contains four types of limes which give it a fresh and zesty flavor profile.

What it tastes like

A fruity and juicy start with the peel bitterness and essential oils following closely. A smooth and pure spirit base that allows the lime to shine and stay on the palate for ages.

How to use

Enjoy chilled, either pure or on the rocks. Koskenkorva Lime is also ideal for a variety of cocktails. We recommend trying an Instant Mule by measuring 4 cl Koskenkorva Lime into a glass with ice and topping it up with ginger beer.