Koskenkorva Passionfruit

A delicious fruit liqueur with a beautiful balance of sweet and sour.

Koskenkorva Liqueur Passionfruit 50 cl

Koskenkorva Passionfruit is a full-bodied, fresh, and fruity liqueur made from all natural ingredients. It combines real passionfruit with elderflower extract resulting in a juicy and sourly sweet taste profile - just like the fruit itself.

How it is Made

Koskenkorva liqueurs are made from vodka distilled in the Finnish village of Koskenkorva, crystal clear glacial spring water, and the best available, all natural ingredients.

What it tastes like

A beautiful balance of sweet and sour that highlights the freshness of the passionfruit. A complex array of flavors from floral notes to minerality and bitter tannins from the seeds emerging in the aftertaste.

How to use

Enjoy as it is as a shot or use as a delicious cocktail ingredient.