Koskenkorva Forest Berries

A sweet forest-inspired liqueur with raspberry, rhubarb, and pine flavors.

Koskenkorva Liqueur Forest Berries 50 cl

Smooth, honest vodka meets sweet forest flavors. Koskenkorva Forest Berries is a full-bodied liqueur made from vodka distilled in the Koskenkorva village, crystal clear glacial spring water, and the best available natural ingredients.

How it is Made

Koskenkorva liqueurs are made from vodka distilled in the Koskenkorva village and then mixed with crystal clear glacial spring water and the best available ingredients.

What it tastes like

Rich raspberry flavor with notes of rhubarb. The sweetness of the berries is balanced by zesty pine buds creating a great combination of forest and berry flavors.

How to use

This liqueur is a delicious way to finish a dinner. It is also a great, milder shot for party nights and of course, works wonderfully as an ingredient in various punches and cocktails.