Koskenkorva Blueberry

A rich blueberry liqueur made from wild forest blueberries and natural cardamom extract.

Koskenkorva Liqueur Blueberry 50 cl

Koskenkorva Blueberry is a delicious blueberry liqueur made with real Finnish forest blueberries and a hint of sweet cardamom extract. It is full-bodied and has a sweet, yet natural flavor.

What it tastes like

A natural and rich berry taste followed by a light undertone of cardamom, reminiscent of Grandma's blueberry tart fresh from the oven. The berry taste is a full-bodied combination of sweetness and bitter tannins typical to wild forest blueberries. Long and even aftertaste.

How to use

Enjoy chilled, either pure or on the rocks. Koskenkorva Blueberry is also ideal for a variety of cocktails. Try turning it into an aperitif by extending the blueberry liqueur with sparkling wine. For a light and refreshing cocktail, add tonic or sparkling water with ice.