Veggie Red

Beet juice has many health benefits and because this drink is prepared in a shaker, it's a fitness drink.

Veggie Red

0 h 10 min


  • 2 cl Koskenkorva Lemon Lime Yarrow

  • 2 cl Triple Sec

  • 2 cl Lime juice

  • 1 cl sugar syrup

  • 1 cl Red beet juice

  • 1 cl Aquafaba

Preparation steps

    Measure all ingredients in a shaker.

    Shake vigorously with ice, dry shake and pour in a chilled glass.

    Fill glass with ice and garnish.



A straightforward signature cocktail with Koskenkorva Vodka Original and Ginger beer.

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Koskenkorva Village Sun

Village Sun

This fresh cocktail from Koskenkorva has raspberry flavour as the base, with a twist of lemon & ginger.

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