Winter Tonic

A spicy and wintry cocktail mixed with Koskenkorva Ginger and Blossa’s classic glögg.

Koskenkorva Winter Tonic Cocktail with Ginger and Glögg



0 h 5 min


  • 4 cl Koskenkorva Ginger

  • Tonic water

  • 2 slices of lime

  • 1 slice of ginger

Preparation steps

    1. Fill a glass with ice.

    2. Measure in Koskenkorva Ginger and Blossa Vinglögg.

    3. Top up with tonic water.

    4. Stir and garnish with lime and ginger. Enjoy!

Koskenkorva Lemon Winter Spritz

Winter Spritz

A new variant of the popular drink - now with flavors of lemon, mulled wine and cinnamon. When topped with sparkling wine, it becomes festive.

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