Meet Keijo from Koskenkorva

Read what Keijo tells about his life in the village.

Here is an image of Keijo showing his tattoo

I was born in Koskenkorva and I never left. My father worked at the Koskenkorva factory for 30 years like all my friends’ fathers. They held a lot of sports competitions and Christmas parties for all the kids. We used to swim in the water pit next to the factory although it was forbidden. Now I have two children of my own and they are the most important thing in my life.

I got a job at the Koskenkorva factory straight after school and I have worked there for 24 years. We are a pretty close-knit team. We collect quality samples, receive the barley that comes to the factory, and make sure that everything is as it should be. We use every bit of barley to make the process sustainable. We use the husk as fuel and recycle the ash back to the fields.

Keijo relaxing on his car.

When I don't work I do some modelling and collect vintage stuff and antiques. I'm really into 50's and I have classic cars, motorcycles, and mountain bikes, which I play with in my garage. I am quite an active guy and I have plenty of hours in a day. We only live once and I like to grab opportunities.

Koskenkorva is a peaceful little village. People don’t always know that the Koskenkorva factory actually exists here and they are always surprised at how great the vodka tastes. I really like the Koskenkorva Rhubarb Pomegranate, and the ginger flavour is great too. I even have a tattoo of a Koskenkorva bottle in a treasure box on my arm. It's my home village and workplace both in one.