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Koskenkorva Rhubarb

Fresh and zesty rhubarb liqueur with a pomegranate undertone.

Koskenkorva Liqueur Rhubarb 50 cl

Koskenkorva Rhubarb is a juicy and full-bodied fruit liqueur made with real rhubarb and pomegranate.

What it tastes like

Sweet, juicy taste with natural rhubarb and pomegranate flavors and a well-balanced acidity.

How to use

Enjoy chilled as it is or use it as a base in refreshing drinks. For a sunny day's refreshing cocktail, mix a 'Rhubarbie' by measuring 4 cl Koskenkorva Rhubarb, 6 cl cranberry juice, and 6 cl tonic water. Stir and garnish with an orange slice.